Strategic Consulting – Abbreviating Steps and Minimizing Risks of Failure

Success in the international market depends on the rigorous observation of the various steps involved in the processes. The company counts on experienced collaborators who elaborate its intelligence work, recommending procedures and actions that guide its clients in the decision making in import, export and internationalization projects.

Consultancy also includes feasibility studies, process analyses and technical auditing in the customs, taxation, tax, logistics and regulation areas.

For foreign companies, it is provided all necessary assistance for procurement, market data, as well as support for the beginning of their activities in Brazil.

Operational Outsourcing - Your foreign trade department

Delegating activities to specialized companies is a way to count on professionals and technologies that are not always available internally in organizations.

Dahll International provides its customers with a qualified structure that executes and optimizes all operational procedures necessary for the import and export of goods and services.

In this way, we contribute to the reduction of costs and workforce, allowing the company to increase its productivity and management of its core business.

Trading – Opportunity for new business

Dahll Internacional is responsible for the introduction of foreign products and brands in Brazil and abroad, creating a window of opportunities in international trade.

The commercialization of products is stimulated through structured processes, such as:


– Import

– Export

– Distribution
– Procurement

– Customized operations.

In addition to its expertise, it also has associated companies that act as local agents, mainly in Latin America and Europe, capturing import and export opportunities.


We start from a methodology that rigorously analyzes the characteristics of the project, its potentials and limitations, considering the following steps:

1) Diagnosis - discussing and evaluating goals, needs and possibilities to generate a comprehensive view of the scenario, identifying obstacles and possibilities that were previously unknown to the client.

2) Planning - detailing the steps to be followed, with deadlines, procedures and the necessary documentation.

3) Execution and Monitoring - Security, agility and precision in actions. Our clients follow all the steps in the process.