Importers and exporters want new classification

Importing and exporting commercial companies are putting pressure on the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services) and IBGE for the sector to gain a classification of its own economic activity.

“This would allow us to have more accurate statistical data on the segment's performance. Today, companies are classified as wholesalers, for example”, says Rita Campagnoli, from Ceciex (which brings together companies in the sector).

“The classification would allow us to claim tax incentives as well. Today, the tax authorities do not have an exact idea of ​​which are the import and export commercial companies”, says Damaris da Costa, director of Braseco.

“We operate in the food, clothing and machinery trade. Not long ago, we had to register as a beverage trading company to operate in this segment”, says Edinei Mineiro, from Edial.

"It is a process that would not be necessary if the sector were recognized."

Open Market Column – Maria Cristina Frias – Folha de SP 03/09/2018